Proven Approach

BioWest’s approach has been repeatedly proven in countless field evaluations and anecdotes from growers to improve soils, plant quality, yield and more.

We work tirelessly to implement the latest research into our extensive product lines. Below summarizes our economic impacts, proven results and research and development –all grounded in science and technology.

Maximum Economic Impact

Through years of crop and land consulting, soil testing, laboratory plant analysis, and fertility study and research, BioWest has become a leader in plant care service. Our highly concentrated plant nutrients are custom-blended for your specific foliar and soil application needs. They are also compatible with most herbicides and pesticides saving you time and money with single pass convenience, allowing us to feed your soils and plants with maximum efficiency.

Field Tested. Field Proven

Results of more than 20 years and 1,000 field trials demonstrated an average of 12% increase in yield across all crops! To get a general idea of what BioWest can do for you and your fields, refer to the News tab to review various product summaries and field trials across BioWest’s regions. 

Research and Development

All BioWest products are based on sound science with a focus on providing optimal growth promoting activity. We implement the latest research into our extensive product lines, including:

  • Proprietary state-of-the-art production processes, combined with a constant emphasis on quality assurance, ensures ultimate product quality and customer satisfaction.
  • New microbial isolate products that offer growers and land managers effective and targeted approaches to create the ideal soil environment for optimal plant growth.
  • Continued product development offers efficient and highly-targeted protein sources and microorganisms.
  • Extracted natural growth enzymes and amino acids that aid in increasing yields.

Proven Results